Friday, October 6, 2017

My Day Job

As you probably already know from looking at my profile, I write romance novels when I'm not out birding and looking for a White-tailed Kite and Horned Lark to add to my lifelist.

I managed to work the subject of birding into my latest book, Riley’s Rebel, Book 1 of my new Bad Boys of Hockey trilogy. Check it out if you like a little romance in your reading.

The bird featured in the book is the elusive Northern California Weaver, which I first mentioned in Wild Ice, a novel about an ornithologist who finds love in an unexpected place--a wildlife refuge! The bird is fictional, of course, and that's the great thing about writing. I have all the artistic freedom in the world to make up anything I want, including bird species.

In birding, not so much. I have to actually see a Kite in order for it to count toward my Big Year. There are still a few months left in the year, so who knows. Maybe (fingers crossed!) I'll finally spot one that's not a figment of my imagination...

This birder can only hope.

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