Sunday, January 29, 2017

Who's There?

Yesterday I told you all about my amazing Vermilion Flycatcher encounter. What I didn't mention was that we also spotted our first Burrowing Owl on the very same day!
 It was a day to remember, that's for sure!
This little owl was on the side of the road (County Road Z near the intersection of County Rd 50, South of Llano Seco Unit) and he simply sat there while I snapped as many photos as I could, considering we were stopped in the middle of the road.
We drove up the road to turn around and get a better angle of the owl in better lighting and I spotted a Bald Eagle...
 ...and an immature Bald Eagle...
 ...along with a Merlin...
I told you it was quite the day!

And now, back to the owl...
I still can't believe my hubby spotted him sitting there, blending in with the dirt and gravel!
The only other owl species we've ever seen is the Great Horned Owl at the Sacramento NWR. And we only saw those when they were tucked in a tree and difficult to see because of all the branches.
 But this little guy was right there, out in the open, and he didn't seem to mind us at all!
Through the excitement, I managed to take some video so you can see his head turning this way and that...

Birding is truly an adventure. You never know what you're going to spot when you head out the door with your camera!

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