Thursday, January 26, 2017

Another shot of whiskey--

--town, that is!

The highlight of our visit to Whiskeytown Lake has to be the Common Mergansers we saw at Clear Creek.

As we were crossing the little footbridge, we noticed three females on the rocks below.

clear creek whiskeytown lake

As we were leaving, we heard a whacka-whacka sound coming from the trees in the parking lot and low and behold there was an Acorn Woodpecker!
These awesome looking birds are my favorite woodpeckers!
They have the prettiest eyes and who wouldn't love that red mohawk hair-do?!

acorn woodpecker

Oh, and this pretty little hummingbird was chirping away in the trees, too...

Tomorrow, I'll be posting pics of the Cormorants we saw airing out their wings at Whiskeytown Lake.

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