Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Heebie Jeebies

So, as you might have guessed from Monday's post, Turkey Vultures are my least favorite bird. I know, I know, they play an important part in the ecosystem and have the thankless job of cleanup crew, but they still creep me out!

These vultures were there to greet us as we drove into the Gray Lodge Wildlife Area...
I have to admit, they have pretty magnificent wingspans...
Okay, to bring the "ew!" factor of this post down a few notches, here is a beautiful Kestrel we saw further down the road...
This was the first time we've ever seen a Kestrel in a tree before--and the only reason we did was because we saw it fly over from the telephone pole it was sitting on.

More Kestrels to come just as soon as I finish posting all the Gray Lodge photos!

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