Thursday, November 2, 2017

Gray Lodge WA Auto Tour - Part 1

Continuing the posts from our visit to the Gray Lodge Wildlife Area, here is the first set of photos from the auto tour...
I love it when we come upon a bird in the middle of the road! They have thousands upon thousands of acres of land in which they can hang out on and somehow they always choose the best spot right in front of the car!
And then this Great Blue Heron flew in and "convinced" the egret that he wanted to stand somewhere else...

 There he is flying beside the car when we continued down the road...
Oh, and here's the Loggerhead Shrike we saw! This is the best photo we've taken of one so far and it was still a bit far for the camera to focus in.
Gray Lodge Wildlife Area auto tour California birding

Come back tomorrow for a shorebird sighting!

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