Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Go, take a hike!

The best way to beat the heat here in the valley is to get the heck outta town! Luckily, Lassen Volcanic National Park is only about an hour away and the temps there are much lower than the triple digits (112!) we're experiencing here at home.

An early morning walk around Manzanita Lake is so peaceful and relaxing. We were there early enough to hear the birds awakening and to watch the sun rise over the water.
A trail goes all around the lake and you can take your time looking for birds to add to your lifelist.
And the best part is, we saw a pair of bald eagles right off the bat! There they are at the top of that dead tree...
Let's get a little bit closer... There they are!
The only downside to birding while the sun is coming up is that you don't always get the best light for your photos.
And then two seconds later, the light changes, and your photos turn out even better!
 These eagles had a great view of the lake. It's exactly where I'd be if I had wings!

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