Sunday, September 17, 2017

Mountain Birding: Elevation 5890 Feet - Part 4

About halfway around Manzanita Lake, we came to a spot where the birding activity was in full swing. Finally, we were able to get some photos of Brown Creepers!
They are extremely acrobatic and seem to spend most of their time upside down on the tree branches.
They are so camouflaged (and much smaller than I'd originally thought) that it's a wonder that we were able to get any pictures at all!
 Such a pretty view from the trail around the lake...
 A half moon among the pine trees...
Some tourists we saw on the trail were super excited by the many squirrels and chipmunks, but we couldn't take our eyes off the Creepers! They didn't speak English (the tourists, not the Creepers!), but luckily smiling and nodding is a universal language :)
Tomorrow's post: What is blue and black and has a triangular crest?

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