Tuesday, September 26, 2017

A harsh name for a cool bird...

It's always an exciting day when I'm able to add a new bird onto my Big Year list, much less my lifelist. Today, I got to add a Great-tailed Grackle to both!
We saw this female on County Road P, which is located near the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge.
I knew right away when I saw it that it was something special. I've never seen one before in person (on every range map I've looked at they aren't even supposed to be in our area) and she is quite striking--and much bigger than the average Brewer's Blackbird she's perched next to!

I didn't notice any males around, but I could have been distracted by the 40 egrets that she was hanging out with that I posted about yesterday.

Tomorrow, I'm dedicating an entire post to my absolute favorite bird...

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