Saturday, September 22, 2018

Lassen Volcanic National Park Bird Sightings

These are the last of the photos from our hike to Terrace Lake and Shadow Lake in Lassen Volcanic National Park! We will definitely be walking this scenic trail again!
Terrace Lake
A little ways down the path is Shadow Lake, a completely different looking lake with its own stunning beauty.
There's this cute little path around part of the lake where we spotted our bird of the day...
A Red Crossbill! We didn't even know that's what kind of bird it was until later when we got home and went through our photos. (That seems to happen a lot!) The trees they landed in were waaay up there and it wasn't possible to identify them with the naked eye.
Here are a couple more Clark's Nutcrackers from the day...
The only downside to the forest is the trees are so tall that my camera can only zoom in so far! (Hey, Canon, how 'bout sending me one of those fancy shmancy cameras I see out in the field all the time!)
 Maybe this Nutcracker is a juvenile? It looks awfully fluffy to be an adult...

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