Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Lassen Birds

These photos we took during our latest visit to Lassen Volcanic National Park aren't going to win any photography awards, but hey, birds don't always cooperate with the camera!
We hiked the Mill Creek Falls trail through the fir forest and added a new bird to our lifelist! (You can read all about the scenic hike over on my travel blog Vaughn the Road Again.)
The great thing about woodpeckers is they notify you of their presence with the sound of their bills hammering into the tree trunks.
birds at Lassen Volcanic National Park California
We wouldn't have even noticed this one, but I sure am glad because we've never seen a Black-backed Woodpecker before!
 Later on the trail, we saw two White-headed Woodpeckers high up in a tree...

And here's a little Dark-eyed Junco. He was moving so quickly, foraging on the forest floor, that this was the best photo we could get.
The photos might not be frame-worthy, but at least we've got the memories that go along with them. 😊

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