Friday, September 21, 2018

Birding at Shadow Lake

I could have sat at Shadow Lake all day and watched for birds! It didn't take long to spot a variety of them from the trail and on the beach.
This Dark-eyed Junco was foraging around on the shore and blends in so well with the rocks that you can barely see him!
And this one came right up to me!
Hubby managed to snap a couple photos of this Yellow-rumped Warbler!
Lassen Volcanic National Park
I had to add an exclamation point to that last sentence because if you've followed my blog, you know how much trouble I have getting photos of these quick little birds! (Thanks, honey!)
mountain birding

When it was time to head back down the trail and up the mountain, the birds came out in full force to convince us to stick around a little bit longer...
Mountain Chickadee
We hear these guys and their yank-yank call every time we go to Lassen, and it was nice to actually get a quick photo of one before he hurried away...
Lassen Volcanic National Park
Red-breasted Nuthatch
We're already planning our next hike and can't wait to go mountain birding again!

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