Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Pressing Pause

bald eagle klamath wildlife refuge

Hello, my fellow birders!

If I don't post anything for a week or two it's because I'm hunkered down in my writing cave, working on putting the finishing touches on my next book. It's a sweet story about young love and never giving up and I hope to have it ready for release sometime this fall. Until then, I'm focused more on what's going on in my fictional world of Red Valley than what the birds are doing outside my window.

When the weather cools down (soon, hopefully), I'll take a much-needed trip to the wildlife refuge and snap some more photos to post. I've mentioned before how the refuge is my favorite place to go between books and recharge and gather up another dose of inspiration before I start on the next one.

For more info on my writing endeavors, visit my website here.

Talk to you soon and happy birding!

dahlia mendocino coast botanical gardens

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