Sunday, August 4, 2002

Kamikaze Hummingbirds

We constantly have Anna's Hummingbirds at our feeders. They're usually in pairs in the backyard playing, dive-bombing and chasing each other through the obstacle of trees in our yard. They chase each other through the patio making us duck down! One I saw today had an all red shiny head with a white stripe around his neck and the rest of his body was green. I also see the mostly brown ones that I assume are the females.

It's so hard to get a really good look at these magnificent little creatures because they move so quickly. I've also seen all green ones, too. The pictures online and in the field guide are hard to match to what I've seen.

I put some bread scraps around all three feeders and all the birds seem happy to have found it. The scrub jays are scavenging in the back yard now. Insects must be easier to see in the freshly mowed grass.

P.S. I haven't heard the mockingbirds for about two week now. Can't say I miss their obnoxious behavior!

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