Sunday, August 25, 2002

All Shook Up

Yesterday I looked out the kitchen window and saw an interesting bird sitting in the tree out front. It was pretty large--about the size of one of our Scrub Jays. He was preening all of his feathers and sat there for about ten minutes. It almost looked like a cat had gotten a hold of it because it was "all messed up." The poor thing had some kind of ordeal because its feathers were all cockeyed and crooked.

It had an all brown face and eyes and a long tail with white underneath. It had black feet and a long thick black bill. The closest thing we could find to it in the field guide is some type of Kingbird. But it also could have been some sort of Flycatcher, which it also looked similar to.

This morning in the backyard we saw a pair of European Starlings again. They are really incredibly beautiful birds with spots and iridescent colors that shine in the sun. I can't help but wonder if they're the same pair we saw in the same spot a few months ago.

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