Thursday, October 4, 2018

Double Dose of Phoebe

I have to say, our backyard birdbath does really well ensuring that we have return visitors. The other day when I posted excitedly about the Say's Phoebe we received a visit from, I had no idea he would return the next couple of days in a row!

Although they're in the same family, the Black Phoebe is so much puffier than the Say's! I just love watching these cute little guys flying around catching bugs near the birdbath.
He's not a flycatcher, but here's a bonus Lincoln's Sparrow to complete today's post...
He obviously wasn't too happy about the latest heatwave, (hey, at least we provided him with some refreshing water!) but I 'm confident it's the last one of the season and that fall weather is finally on its way!

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