Sunday, October 18, 2015

Hello, Morning!

As soon as the sun hinted it was about to break through the early morning darkness, our resident mockingbird began his medley of energetic calls.

Slowly, the darkness fades and shadows recede, and finally the sun livens the cloud-scattered sky with vivid oranges and pinks. I've snapped a few shots of the the sky even though I know photos won't do the bright colors justice. It's okay though. I don't have the luxury of depending on photos to tell the story in my books either. I depend solely on the imagination of the reader and my ability to describe the scene.

My windows are open and I hope to cool down the house and stave off the air conditioner from kicking on before noon. Although it's mid-October, fall hasn't arrived in my corner of California yet and it's supposed to be in the 90's today.

And now the hummingbirds begin their frantic a.m. feeding. They'll turn the backyard into a war zone as they zoom this way and that, defending the feeders I've hung for everyone to enjoy.

When the clock strikes 7 a.m., church bells ring out in the distance, a cheerful reminder that today is Sunday.

So, as the birds have started their daily routine, so must I. It's time to surrender to the voices in my head and jot down their stories before they disappear. Right now I'm working on a book and its sequel. Writing them simultaneously has been both challenging and rewarding. When I've completed the journey of these particular characters, I will begin once more and start fresh all over again.

Just like the sun and the birds...

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