Saturday, March 29, 2003

Signs of Spring

I'm sitting on the patio and it is a bird frenzy out here! Everyone is chirping and enjoying the beautiful weather. Somehow I've attracted these HUGE gigantic crows. There are two of them caw-ing in the trees and occasionally swooping down for some bread crumbs. After lunch, I put out some leftover potato sticks and one of them picked one up and took it up to the plum tree and ate half of it. Then he flew away with the rest. He seemed to really enjoy it!

There are tons of bees swarming around the cherry tree blossoms. I also saw my first hummingbird since winter today. I managed to get a picture of it. It had a green crown and was probably a Ruby-throated.

The song sparrows and mockingbirds are also out today. I also saw a black butterfly with yellow spots. It'll be interesting to see if my pictures turn out!

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