Sunday, March 30, 2003

Feathered (and furry) Friends

Well, I guess our Sharp-shinned Hawk has settled down to live in the big palm tree across the way. We hear him several times a day as he circles the area overhead. Today he flew over holding something in his claws. It looked like it could have been a lizard or something.

The two crows are hanging out in our front tree. I'm also seeing more hummingbirds. They seem skittish though, I guess because they're just now coming back from wintering somewhere else. My little gray squirrel friend sat and ate at his feeder for about an hour this morning. He only ate the sunflower seeds and didn't touch the bread I just put out.

I'm excited about spring because there is so much going on in the yard now! I can't believe it's almost April already!!

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