Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Great Horned Owl in a Tree ☼ Colusa National Wildlife Refuge

owl in a tree northern california owls
Remember that gorgeous Great Horned Owl from the Colusa National Wildlife Refuge that I shared last week? (Read that post here.)
where to see owls in northern california
Wanna know how he got into this snug little tree hollow?
owls in northern california tree hollow
Very carefully!
owls in a northern california tree hollow
It took some shimmying and careful maneuvering, but he finally got the job done!
owls in a northern california tree hollow
Look at those amazing wing feathers!
Great Horned Owl Habitat Colusa National Wildlife Refuge
There. All comfy and cozy.
owl in northern california birding birdwatching nature trails
Next week I'll be posting photos of just how close this owl was to us on the walking trail...


Let's go birding!
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