Sunday, May 19, 2019

NorCal Birding ☼ Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge

Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge California
You know you've had a good day of birding when you come away with over 500 photos!

We saw so many different birds during our latest drive through the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge that I had to split up all the footage into a few different videos.
Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge California

Today's video includes: Great Blue Heron, Greater Yellowlegs, Red-tailed Hawk, Black-necked Stilt, Prairie Falcon, White-faced Ibis, Marsh Wren, White Pelicans, Double-crested Cormorant, Western Kingbird, Black Phoebe, Western Meadowlark, Snowy Egret, Yellow-rumped Warbler, White-crowned Sparrow, and even some Pond Turtles!

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☼ Happy Birding ☼

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