Monday, July 16, 2018

Sad Face :(

Boy, do I hate busting out this graphic every year...

Once again, these triple-digit temperatures are kickin' my butt! Every year I forget how hot summer is here in the valley, and every year it returns with a vengeance. It's simply too hot to go out birding unless we drive 3-plus hours to somewhere cooler. Because I'm penny-pinching at the moment, that's just not going to happen. (Speaking of which, you can always head over to my website, buy some books, and help fill my gas tank!)

Anywho, putting shameless self-promotion aside, the good news is that there are over 600 posts of birds here to scroll through and remind me of happier times when the air isn't sweltering and the heat never-ending. Gosh, I love looking back at those cloudy, almost-rainy days where everything is green and the birds are plentiful.

Wherever you are, I hope that either the climate is mild and naturally comfortable or you have a trusty air conditioner!

Here's to happy thoughts about autumn and crisp breezes and hot cocoa and all that good stuff,

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