Friday, April 15, 2016

Identification: Unknown

Our latest trip to the Sacramento and Colusa National Wildlife Refuges was amazing as always. What isn't so amazing is how I never fail to capture a few photos of birds I can't for the life of me seem to identify.

This first one I asked the SNWR about and they suggested a female Brewer's Blackbird.

The rest, I can only guess. Even after pouring over my field guides (I must have at least a half a dozen of them!) and scouring the trusty internet, I can't seem to decide on a species for these guys.

I think this might be a juvenile Cooper's Hawk?

A Long-billed Dowitcher perhaps?
Or a Greater Yellowlegs?

I didn't get a photo of this guy's front, but from the back he looks like an American Pipit???

And lastly, here is an unknown sparrow.

Let me know if you know what any of them are for sure! I look forward to adding their true identities to my Big Year list...

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