Monday, January 4, 2016

Nothing Between Us

I usually take most of my photos through my sliding glass door (when I'm supposed to be working!). Every time I look up from the page I'm writing, I see something flutter outside and reach for my camera to capture the moment. The glass isn't always clean, but that doesn't stop me from taking a picture of every different bird I see.

The last time I was outside working in the yard I remembered to bring my camera just in case. And boy, was I glad I did! The hummingbirds didn't seem to mind me invading their territory to pull weeds and they went about their feeding like business as usual. They let me snap a few shots of them at the feeder without any glass in between us...

Wow, they sure are beautiful! I'm totally loving my new camera and can't believe I can look back at my photos and see every individual feather on a bird!

Now, back to those pesky weeds...

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